Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Time to Shine

I managed to score some tickets to a live recording of 'Time to Shine' finals at Hackney Empire. Time to Shine in simple terms is Gospel X-factor. It is the UK's number one gospel talent search and all I can say from the experience is - people can siiiiiing!!!!!

I won't bore you with my rambles but will leave you with some pictures I took. If you know anyone who might be able to benefit from this opportunity, please give them a shout. I already told my friend about it.....because he can siiiiing! Lol! Also, my hair's growing quickly and I now wear it in a puff/bun depending on the occasion. It's been what? 6 months since I cut it? Sounds about right for length retention.  Although I am not 100% on my moisture and protecting my edges, I am getting there :)

I was #TeamMillie
They are all brothers! #BrothersWithVoices

Top three - Vessel, Abiola & Esther (from the left)

I stopped taking pictures at a point to focus on the judging and singing. I also made loads of videos but here's the link to the website for you to view the professional ones. Lol. Get registering people! And let me know so I can come watch and cheer you till my throat gets sore!

Meanwhile, in other news, behold my birthday cake #chuffed!....the celebration went on for two weeks! What can I say? #Grateful

And finally!......*drumroll! I got my birthday cake! Although I didn't get to eat it! Lol!

Speak Soon

LW xx

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